Unique chance

Special conditions and uniqueness!

The forum "Life" and the exhibition held within the framework of the Forum is a platform for the world community to discuss the most basic issue of humanity – the extension of life.

1. Within the Forum and the Exhibition , the following must be provided:

  • Possibility of contacts with representatives of 190 countries of the world. It is planned to create 190 sites representing each of the countries of the world community, where the following will be represented: social block - including ministries, departments of health, block representing science-leading institutions, scientists, authors, developers, laboratories, as well as a block representing business. Each of the countries represents all the best and advanced that is done in the field of life extension in social, economic and biological aspects.
  • In the period between the annual Forum and the Exhibition, all exhibitors are given a unique opportunity – they can continue to sell the products and services offered in the country of the Forum and Exhibition through a specialized Internet sales portal, prepared on the basis of the event, as well as by separate agreement, to provide on preferential terms the opportunity to represent their company. And so every year, a new country – new opportunities!
  • All visitors are invited to take part in a specialized Club system related to the exhibition event. It allows tracking all the know-how and developments in the world community in the field of life extension and rejuvenation, as well as investing in it. The members of the Club system are provided with personal assistants who can assist in resolving issues related to medicine and, in particular, life extension, active longevity, rejuvenation. This system also helps to attract investors and find sales to all Exhibitors of the Exhibition.
  • All exhibitors of the Exhibition will be placed on a specialized Internet portal, with its own aggregator, with the task of accumulating and searching all the leading developments in the field of life extension, active longevity, rejuvenation and gerontology, as well as other activities presented at the exhibition, which contributes to prompt familiarization with developments by investors, specialized companies and generally interested persons. The portal represents the actual international data bank on the subject of life extension (authors, companies, laboratories, tools, methods, technologies);
    • Exhibitors receive personal pages where each of them has the opportunity to place their own advanced product (service) in a separate window, as well as, if necessary, specify the conditions for attracting investors to their own business. Thus, a potential investor will be able to get brief information about the company and become familiar with the main developments, and finally, at the Exhibition itself (as an option next year), get to know the company closer, so there is a direct opportunity to attract investment through this event;
    • We are also ready to assist with the release of your company's products on ICO (separate agreement);
  • Expert work is being carried out on the assignment of various conclusions confirming the quality and compliance with the stated characteristics, with the assignment of marks and diplomas;
    • A contest is being held and its winners will be supported by the Exhibition Organizing Committee to present the developments to the relevant ministries and departments for their implementation and possible funding. Participants can receive funding for innovative projects and programs;
    • Exhibitors of the exhibition, after a simple peer review, become participants in the program of the organizing committee of the exhibition “Do you want to live long? – Use it!”. The program is aimed at supporting products and services that have received an expert assessment of the exhibition organizing committee, in terms of confirming the characteristics declared by the manufacturer and is of a recommendatory nature for the use of goods and services that have received such. The program participant is issued a diploma, visual aids, including stickers confirming the high quality of products and services that can be placed, focusing on the consumer, directly on the products (at the point of service), with an appeal to use such products and services;

2. The event is broadcast online. The business program will be available for remote participation as well. Our operator will surely approach every exhibitor to make a short video/photo review. Many people who won’t have the opportunity to visit the Exhibition can see the event itself through this function, and directly participate remotely in the business program through Live Broadcasts conferences and see information about exhibitors and their offers in real time. Moreover, the materials can be provided for use upon the Exhibitor’s request.

3. Within the Forum, there is a gala evening with a show program “Looking from the Future”, which means a concert program with the participation of famous performers and the constant presence and movement of specially trained animators around the exhibition territory.

Participation in the Exhibition provides an opportunity for significant savings in positioning and advertising, spending it on highly effective participation in the Exhibition, in the alternative to often inefficient other ways.

The Forum “LIFE – 2024”, as well as the International Exhibition “LIFE EXTENDING – METHODS, FACILITIES, TECHNOLOGIES” held within the forum, allows to solve a number of global, important tasks for participants like:
  • Making a certain contribution to the strengthening and development of relations between the organizations of the countries of the world community working on the subject of the Exhibition, providing additional ways to exchange experience;
  • Promoting the development of domestic manufacturers and companies offering services, in particular, in the area of ​​mastering new means and methods, the possibility of establishing working contacts with enterprises in Russia and foreign countries, demonstrating accumulated knowledge and achievements;
  • Promoting products and services of foreign countries on the Russian market, and Russian products on the market of the countries of the Exhibition participants. It’s intended to make a certain contribution to the increase in commodity circulation between the countries.

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