Форум «ЖИЗНЬ» – постоянная, ежегодная площадка, объединяющая компании и организации, правительственные структуры, авторов-разработчиков со всего мира в решении самых актуальных вопросов для человека – активного долголетия и продления жизни, включая социальный (качество жизни, образ жизни, и др.) и биологический аспекты (жизнь клетки, средства и методы лечения, оздоровления, продления жизни, среда обитания, в частности питание, экология и др.). В этой задаче не может быть границ и условностей, она архиглобальна, касается каждого человека на планете и позволяет объединить для своего решения все страны и континенты, все нации и государства.
Мы стремимся максимально удовлетворить потребности своих партнеров, предлагая для них эксклюзивные решения.

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  • Форум «Жизнь – 2022»
    20-23 NOVEMBER 2024
    Forum "LIFE – 2024"
    First International exhibition
    "Life extension – methods, means, technologies – 2025"
    (active longevity, rejuvenation, health –
    innovative technology, lifestyle and quality of life – international experience and achievements)

Welcome to the center of life!
Welcome to the Forum "Life - 2025" in Moscow!
We invite you to take part in the largest event of 2025!

FORUM "LIFE - 2025"
and exhibition held within the framework of the Forum


The Forum “LIFE” is a permanent, annual platform for the global community. It’s intended to unite companies and organizations, government agencies, authors and developers from around the world to solve most pressing issues of man - active ageing and increasing lifespan, including social (quality of life, lifestyle, and others) and biological aspects (cell life, means and methods of treatment, rehabilitation, increasing life expectancy, habitat, in particular nutrition, ecology, etc.).

In this task there can be no boundaries and conventions, it is absolutely global. It concerns every person on the planet and allows uniting all the countries and continents, all nations and states to find the solution.

Together with you we are creating such a platform!


Forum "LIFE - 2024"

and the exhibition "LIFE EXTENSION - METHODS, MEANS, TECHNOLOGIES" contribute to:


Promoting the activities of research institutes, state and public organizations, in the field of solving the problems of increasing life expectancy, active longevity, as well as introducing methods of rejuvenating the body


Analysis and support of new, progressive and innovative programs, projects, technologies and developments


Promotion of products, tools and methods, developments, companies and organizations presented at the Exhibition and Forum, their implementation for the benefit of humanity

International Bank of Ideas

Creation and development of the International Bank of ideas, discoveries, technologies, techniques, proposals, programs and projects, events and developments in the field of life extension, active longevity and rejuvenation, thereby contributing to their systematization and implementation


Support for scientific developments in the field of life extension, as well as targeted assistance to those in need, support for the largest and most promising programs and public organizations

Information support

Activities in the field of propaganda, information support of the exhibits of the Exhibition and participants of the Forum, including through the media, various events, conferences and symposia

Club system

Possibility of priority use of the latest developments presented at the Exhibition and Forum, as well as information monitoring of the most effective means and methods of treating the world for members of the "Life Club" - Individuals


Venture capital investments and fixed-income investments, access to ICO, together with a team of experts in the field of science and financial markets

About Forum

The Forum “LIFE – 2025”, as well as the International Exhibition “LIFE EXTENSION – METHODS, FACILITIES, TECHNOLOGIES” - held within the forum is a unique exhibition event, which has no analogues in world practice. The event allows presenting the best representatives in the field of activities on rejuvenation, preservation and strengthening of health, ensuring active ageing, healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of life all in one place and in at the same time.

The Forum “LIFE – 2025” is an authoritative international platform for discussing topical issues of lifespan extension, active ageing, healthy lifestyle, improving quality of life, gerontology!

Forum "LIFE – 2025" is the most important event in the industry of lifespan extension and rejuvenation, which can have a real impact on global trends and the international market for the development of technologies, means and methods in the field of life extension and rejuvenation!

Forum "LIFE – 2025" – It is the best speakers from around the world, the best companies and special guests. More than 3 days of amazing performances, meetings with leaders in the field of methods and means of rejuvenation, life extension, sports, medicine, active longevity, Beauty-industry, as well as the largest deals at the exhibition site!


Nobel laureate  Richard Phillips Feynman

The issue of life extension is without a doubt one of the main issues for humanity. In this regard, it should be noted that developments in this direction have significant meaning, and are clearly not unfounded. American physicist, Nobel laureate Richard Phillips Feynman said on this subject: “If a person decided to build a perpetual motion machine, he would face a ban in the form of a physical law. In contrast to this situation, there is no law in biology that would affirm the obligatory finiteness of life for each individual”. Indeed, today's science has taken certain steps, making significant progress in resolving this issue.


Differences and advantages of the Forum "LIFE - 2025"

Differences and advantages of the Forum

Scientific selection of developments

Participation in the Forum of world-class scientists, as well as representatives of government bodies, commercial and public organizations from around the world, allows to select the most promising projects that will undoubtedly find wide application in the practice of saving lives, build business contacts

A unique opportunity for communication, contracting and business development

The presence at the event of all the largest companies, as well as authors with developments that are positioning in the field of life extension, active longevity and rejuvenation, in one place and at the same time - at the "LIFE -2025" Forum and the Exhibition held as part of the Forum! Investors and potential partners, now there is no need to travel around the world in search of contacts, all of them are presented at the "LIFE - 2025" Forum!

Minimal financial risk

Participation in the Forum and the Exhibition is accessible to both large and small companies, as well as to author-developers, in many cases we dumping the market

A unique area of investment projects

Life extension, active longevity and rejuvenation, as one of the most important and promising areas of activity

Expert evaluation of projects

Examination of public associations, public councils and expert groups representing leading scientists, doctors, financiers, world-class experts

Using the club system

The possibility of predominant active use of the development results by individuals who are members of the "Life" Club system

Entry into the World Bank of data on life extension developments

All exhibitors and participants of the Forum who have their own proposals are included in the World Bank for Development in Life Span, Active Longevity and Rejuvenation, organized by the Found "Life", the geography of participation in which is not limited to one country, we continuously monitor promising developments both in Russia Federation and the world

Participation in an unprecedented charity event

5% of all the funds collected at the event go to support the donor project of the Russian red cross-the Movement "I am Your donor", aimed at promoting and intensifying blood collection around the world. In addition, the culmination of the Forum is a Charity Ball of the Russian red cross. Welcome!


Administration Of the forum "Life-2025" and management of the operator of the Forum and exhibition – Fund "Life"

Leontiev Valery Konstantinovich

Leontiev Valery Konstantinovich

Co-President of the United Association of honored doctors, honored scientists and health workers, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of surgical dentistry ...


Rakhmanin Yury Anatolievich

Rakhmanin Yury Anatolievich

Chief scientific consultant of fsbi " Research Institute of human ecology and environmental hygiene. A. N. sysina " of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Head of the Testing laboratory center and the Department of environmental hygiene ...


Dlin Vladimir

Dlin Vladimir

Honored doctor of the Russian Federation, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, leading pediatric nephrologist of Russia, famous scientist and organizer of medical science, member of the International society of Nephrology (IPNA) and member of the European society of pediatric nephrologists ...  


Fedin Anatoly

Fedin Anatoly Ivanovich

Member of the Presidium of the Board of Russian and Moscow society of neurologists, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, academician of RANS, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, member of the American Academy of neurology, winner of the RF Government and the Moscow Government ...


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