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We invite companies and organizations, as well as individuals to The forum "LIFE - 2024"!

Visitors, participants and guests of the Forum and Exhibition – including:

  • Representatives of public health authorities of the regions of Russia and foreign countries,
  • Heads of medical institutions, scientific and recreational organizations,
  • Profile specialists,
  • Private investors and investment companies,
  • Company owners and individual entrepreneurs,
  • Persons interested in the subject of rejuvenation and life extension (including members of the Life Club system – VIP),
  • Authors-developers,
  • Other participants who are interested in active longevity, lifestyle, improving the quality of life.

The exhibition is a collection of simultaneously held thematic events.

As part of the business program of the Exhibition, participants are awarded diplomas and awards

The finalists in a number of nominations will be determined in the expert programs held within the framework of the Forum and Exhibition, as a result of the vote of experts.

The business program includes:
  • Plenary session;
  • Meeting and work of sections (working groups);
  • Scientific and practical symposiums;
  • Information seminars;
  • Business seminars;
  • Scientific and practical Conferences;
  • Specialized thematic Conferences;
  • Presentations of centers, clinics, institutes, companies and organizations, individuals;
  • Seminars and conferences;
  • Sessions;
  • Podium and open discussions;
  • Press conferences of organizers and companies - participants of the Forum and Exhibition;
  • Round tables;
  • Master classes;
  • Business meetings and clubs;
  • Meeting with leading experts;
  • Thematic expositions;
  • Separate thematic exhibitions and fairs.

It is planned to hold a presentation of a number of new thematic programs and projects within the Forum and the Exhibition.

The Center for the latest technologies will be available during the Exhibition. Its task is to identify potential ideas and developments which are globally new and can be protected by patents and certificates. Individuals and legal entities can submit ideas and developments for preliminary examination to specialists of the Center.

The Forum “LIFE – 2024” and the Exhibition held as part of the Forum is the holding of successful business negotiations between specialists, companies and organizations with regions, leading medical centers, institutes, clinics and hospitals. For this purpose, a business center will operate at the exhibition.

Within the Forum and the Exhibition, a decision is made to start work on a number of thematic reference and encyclopedic publications.

The unique format of the unified information and exhibition space of the Exhibition will create qualitatively new opportunities for promoting products for practical medicine in the field of life extension, active longevity, rejuvenation, and in general, preserve human health. It will attract leading manufacturers of medical equipment and equipment, medicines, professionals working in the healthcare system, representatives of government agencies

For visitors!

Pharmaceutical companies, simulators, cosmetics, massage techniques, traditional and alternative medicine, unique operations and much more – all to prolong life and improve its quality!
... and all this this can be purchased at the Exhibition here and now!

Whatever you have, all won’t last forever, and you will not take it along!
Come to the exhibition, and find the opportunity to live!



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