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Highly-esteemed Ladies and gentlemen!

The Russian Red Cross, the national society of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, is the largest and oldest public organization in Russia, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017. It initiated the creation of a unique project – the First International Forum “Life - 2024” as well as the exhibition “Life Extension: Methods, Means, and Technologies 2024” (active longevity, rejuvenation, health – innovative technologies, lifestyle and quality of life – international experience and achievements) held within the framework of the Forum. All the events will be carried out in partnership with a number of public organizations uniting doctors, scientists, and world-class healthcare organizers. The culmination of the event will be the Charity Ball of the Russian Red Cross with the participation of leaders of foreign countries, state and public institutions, the leadership of major international companies, leading representatives of culture and art, and sports leaders.

The Forum “Life” is a planned permanent annual platform uniting government structures, authors, developers, companies, and organizations from around the world. The aim of the Forum is to solve the most pressing problems for a person – active, healthy longevity and life extension, including social (quality of life, lifestyle, etc.) and biological aspects (cell life, means, and methods of treatment, healing, rejuvenation, life extension, ecology, etc.). The platform designed to contribute to the achievement of the main goals set by the United Nations, as part of a program to transform our world – "Sustainable Development Goals." The event is designed to act as a unifying platform to facilitate the implementation of programs and projects aimed at solving such an important issue for humanity as extending human life.

There can be no borders and conventions in this task, it is global, and concerns every person on the planet; and allows us to unite all countries and continents, all nations and states to solve them. The Life Forum is today, without exaggeration, fundamentally the most global and most important project for humankind. We consider it especially significant that the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, represented by the national society of the Russian Red Cross, creates such a platform!

State leaders from all across the world, world-class experts, major companies – all those who set as their primary goal to extend the lives of both people and the planet, raise the issue of preserving and prolonging life as the principal value and priority in tasks for every country will be invited to the Forum.

It is no secret that such events are quite expensive, and for such, in our case, we need financial support. Therefore we ask for all possible charitable assistance to achieve the goals of organizing and conducting such a significant event for everyone and humanity as a whole. The First International Forum “Life - 2024” will include the establishment of the International Databank and a program of support for projects to extend human life, as well as an organization aimed at raising funds necessary for the event – the Russian Red Cross Charity Ball.

Along with scientists, we invite world leaders, representatives of the business community, patrons and sponsors to participate in the creation of an international platform for life extension, as well as in the culmination of the Forum – the Charity Ball of the Russian Red Cross. You can become a guest of honor and take part in the events!

Your participation in the support of the global humanitarian event-the RRC Charity Ball and the Forum, will be a worthy example for humanity, and will also create a unique, unparalleled in the history of mankind, an unprecedented platform that can contribute to the unification of countries and continents through the creation of the Forum, and most importantly, to significantly contribute to the solution of the main question of man and humanity – the extension of life!

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