About the event

The Organizing Committee of the Forum invites you to take part in the largest event of the year –

Forum “LIFE – 2024”

as well as held within the Forum, the First International Specialized Exhibition



It is possible to live for more than 100 years!

The event is held from 20th of March to 23nd of March, 2024

The Forum “LIFE – 2024”, as well as the International Exhibition “LIFE EXTENSION – METHODS, FACILITIES, TECHNOLOGIES” held within the forum is a unique exhibition event, which has no analogues in world practice. The event allows presenting the best representatives in the field of activities on rejuvenation, preservation and strengthening of health, ensuring active ageing, healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of life all in one place and in at the same time.

The Forum “LIFE – 2024” is an authoritative international platform for discussing topical issues of lifespan extension, active ageing, healthy lifestyle, improving quality of life, gerontology!

Forum "LIFE – 2024" is the most important event in the industry of lifespan extension and rejuvenation, which can have a real impact on global trends and the international market for the development of technologies, means and methods in the field of life extension and rejuvenation!

Forum "LIFE – 2024" – It is the best speakers from around the world, the best companies and special guests. More than 3 days of amazing performances, meetings with leaders in the field of methods and means of rejuvenation, life extension, sports, medicine, active longevity, Beauty-industry, as well as the largest deals at the exhibition site!

Our motto: the Forum “LIFE – 2024” and the Exhibition held as part of the Forum is a meeting place for leading developers, sellers and investors of methods, means and technologies in the field of life extension and improvement of the quality of life from all over the world! A holiday and a meeting place! Once a year, in a single place!

Everything that prolongs and improves life is collected at our event!

We are gathering legally working companies that want to position and declare themselves as a company offering means, methods and technologies in the field of life extension and rejuvenation, as well as improving the quality of life!

The Forum “LIFE – 2024”, as well as the International Exhibition “LIFE EXTENDING – METHODS, FACILITIES, TECHNOLOGIES” held within the forum, allows to solve a number of global, important tasks for participants like:
  • Making a certain contribution to the strengthening and development of relations between the organizations of the countries of the world community working on the subject of the Exhibition, providing additional ways to exchange experience;
  • Promoting the development of domestic manufacturers and companies offering services, in particular, in the area of ​​mastering new means and methods, the possibility of establishing working contacts with enterprises in Russia and foreign countries, demonstrating accumulated knowledge and achievements;
  • Promoting products and services of foreign countries on the Russian market, and Russian products on the market of the countries of the Exhibition participants. It’s intended to make a certain contribution to the increase in commodity circulation between the countries.

The exhibition is:
  • International platform for business meetings, discussions and exchange of experience of representatives of traditional and non-traditional medicine, health and education, executive and legislative authorities, the public and the public on the issues of preserving human health, creating conditions for its full and comprehensive development, improving the surrounding external environment, development of educational and educational tools, comprehensive and effective promotion of a healthy lifestyle, family and society;
  • A kind of experimental federal platform for testing;
  • A platform for the selection of cost-effective and high-quality competitive samples of medical equipment, consumables and technologies, medicines for further use in the implementation.
  • The event, which allows the general population to get acquainted with the leading doctors and specialists of Russia and foreign countries, to carry out a survey, to receive not only information on various diseases from specialists, but also a referral to a medical institution;
  •  A platform for the development of companies and organizations, the introduction of new products and technologies at the Russian market.
The exhibition is a collection of simultaneously held thematic events.

As part of the business program of the Exhibition, participants are awarded diplomas and awards

The finalists in a number of nominations will be determined in the expert programs held within the framework of the Forum and Exhibition, as a result of the vote of experts.

The business program includes:
  • Plenary session;
  • Meeting and work of sections (working groups);
  • Scientific and practical symposiums;
  • Information seminars;
  • Business seminars;
  • Scientific and practical Conferences;
  • Specialized thematic Conferences;
  • Presentations of centers, clinics, institutes, companies and organizations, individuals;
  • Seminars and conferences;
  • Sessions;
  • Podium and open discussions;
  • Press conferences of organizers and companies - participants of the Forum and Exhibition;
  • Round tables;
  • Master classes;
  • Business meetings and clubs;
  • Meeting with leading experts;
  • Thematic expositions;
  • Separate thematic exhibitions and fairs/
It is planned to hold a presentation of a number of new thematic programs and projects within the Forum and the Exhibition.
The Center for the latest technologies will be available during the Exhibition. Its task is to identify potential ideas and developments which are globally new and can be protected by patents and certificates. Individuals and legal entities can submit ideas and developments for preliminary examination to specialists of the Center.

The Forum “LIFE – 2024” and the Exhibition held as part of the Forum is the holding of successful business negotiations between specialists, companies and organizations with regions, leading medical centers, institutes, clinics and hospitals. For this purpose, a business center will operate at the exhibition.

Within the Forum and the Exhibition, a decision is made to start work on a number of thematic reference and encyclopedic publications.

The unique format of the unified information and exhibition space of the Exhibition will create qualitatively new opportunities for promoting products for practical medicine in the field of life extension, active longevity, rejuvenation, and in general, preserve human health. It will attract leading manufacturers of medical equipment and equipment, medicines, professionals working in the healthcare system, representatives of government agencies
The Exhibition is widely covered in the media. Personal invitations are sent to all heads of medical institutions, as well as other specialized exhibition-related institutions of the Russian Federation.

Promotion. Among the high-performance promotion mechanisms The system of the Forum “LIFE – 2024” itself and the exhibition, which allows it to be provided through its specific leverage such as the Forum’s interactive portal (data bank of developments, as well as the placement of unique offers for potential investors by the Exhibitors), a global invitation to the organizers of the Exhibition of potential investors, assistance in entering the ICO, Club system for individuals related to the exhibition event and allowing you to keep track of all the know-how and development life expectancy and rejuvenation in the global community, as well as investing in such and many others.

Alternative. The concept itself, as well as the theme “Life Extension”, is an alternative to the static exhibition theme of healthcare! Life extension is an alternative to static exhibition topics – medicine! Life extension is a dynamic!

The exhibition provides unique opportunities for exhibitors – such as:
  • Establishment of working contacts with enterprises, both from various regions of Russia and various countries of the world community, demonstrating, within the exhibition, accumulated knowledge and achievements in the field of life extension and rejuvenation, improvement of the quality of life; the platform not only for getting contacts, but also for signing contracts;
  • The opportunity to get acquainted with the latest techniques and products of companies, as well as persons working in the field of exhibitions from regions of Russia and foreign countries, the opportunity to conclude contracts for the presentation and use of services and products of such enterprises, as well as organize joint ventures, programs and projects;
  • Positioning. Presenting your services and products to visitors, advertise and sell products and services (trade is allowed);
  • Status! You are on the list of all those who are the flagship of development and positioning in the field of life extension!;
  • Attracting and finding customers and buyers of products and services (individuals and legal entities), ensuring orders;
  • A launching pad for grants;
  • Interactive audience involvement (Conducting a quick survey of interested visitors;
  • The possibility of targeted communication with the target audience, through participation in the business program (report, presentation, lecture);
  • Conducting conferences, seminars, presentations, master classes on the use of recreational techniques;
  • Participation in contests, expert groups (Including the Contest for the best offers in the field of life extension, improving the quality of life – "LIFE – 2024", held within the forum. As part of the business program of the exhibition, the exhibition participants are awarded with diplomas and medals; an express assessment of products and services is organized to assign a mark and include in the data bank, combining everything that contributes to improving the quality of life and extending human life – “The World Health Protection Book”);
  • Getting an expert assessment (which requires a presence at the exhibition), awards, certificates, prizes, diplomas, etc., as well as a support package for the development of the ICO system (support the package for creating an ICO – based on a separate agreement) and, as a result, the possibility of attracting investors. In the ongoing expert programs at the exhibition, as a result of a vote of experts, the finalists in a number of nominations will be determined;
  • Cooperation with investors. We invite both large investors and large investment – ​​companies to participate in working with exhibitors!
  • Participation in a charitable initiative;
  • Broad media coverage: leading media and journalists cover the event, increasing your company, product, service and product awareness!
  • Attention federal media;
  • A special section for small businesses, laboratories and the author of developers who can declare themselves, present their developments, find investors;
  • The possibility of direct dialogue with the heads of medical institutions, as well as other specialized topics of the exhibition institutions of the Russian Federation. We invite everyone!

The exhibition brings together many areas of medicine, pharmacology, spiritual development, factors contributing to improving the quality of life, natural methods of treatment and rehabilitation, including:
  • Rejuvenation systems (stem cells, cryogenic medicine, etc.);
  • Plastic surgery (methods, specialists, equipment, consumables, etc.);
  • Gerontology and geriatrics;
  • Health systems (traditional, unconventional, natural and copyright);
  • Public authorities in the field of social policy, social institutions, medical institutions, services;
  • Medical equipment manufacturers;
  • Pharmacological institutes;
  • Pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • Cosmetology (including medical);
  • Dietary supplements, Natural cosmetics;
  • Medical centers, Health centers and research institutes;
  • Scientific, educational and educational institutions;
  • Manufacturers of health products;
  • Fitness centers, health centers, sports organizations
  • Medical diets, gymnastics, vegetarianism;
  • Manufacturers and distributors of food, manufacturers of "healthy food";
  • Water producers;
  • Osteopathy, manual therapy;
  • Massage (general, auto shiatsu, massage equipment);
  • Hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy (mud therapy, local and general baths);
  • Physiotherapy (magnetic therapy, metal therapy), pet therapy (including dolphin therapy);
  • Alternative diagnostic systems (various diagnostic methods, laser, light, magnetic therapy, etc.);
  • Alternative medicine;
  • Herbal medicine, therapy by natute, aromatherapy, fungotherapy, apitherapy, thalassotherapy, hirudotherapy, aerophytotherapy, treatment with minerals, salts, clays, health balms and oils, treatment with sounds;
  • Traditional medicine, oriental practices and techniques (yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, Tibetan and Chinese medicine, qigong, applications, Ayurveda);
  • Psychotherapy (art therapy, hypnosis, emotional-image therapy, auto-training);
  • Environmental and environmental organizations, companies, enterprises;
  • All that, one way or another, promotes a healthy lifestyle of a person;
  • Manufacturers and sellers of everything that contributes to improving the quality of life and improving environmental factors, including:
      • Houses, buildings and structures;
      • Materials for construction and repair;
      • Cleaning and climate devices;
      • Consumer goods (clothing, shoes, etc.);
      • Electronics and home appliances;
      • Furniture;
      • Cookware and equipment;
      • Accessories for sports and physical education;
      • Means of transport;
      • Vehicles;
      • Travel companies, having among their offers unique profile tours;
  • Publishers, media and special literature.

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