Annex 1.
The concept of a new approach in the implementation of projects and programs to create and support such through the exhibition event and related technologies to companies and developers of advanced tools, methods and technologies in the field of life extension

I. General information

1. As is known in world practice, and in particular in Russia, one of the main issues of creating a business scheme and promoting any new product is to attract investment.
The ways of promotion are not numerous, as a rule, these are: grants, contacts that allow you to receive an order, access to the stock exchange (including IPO).

2. Exhibition activity (activity of participants) during the crisis weakens, as some companies can not afford to participate in exhibition events due to minimizing the risks associated with the cost of participation in the exhibition event and the lack of guarantees for the protection of business from such participation.

3. We see a worldwide trend of successful Development of blockchain technologies (block chain), in particular in the field of cryptocurrencies (which is conventionally taken as a variable component of success, and in no case a priori as a promising direction).
3.1. The possibilities of Blockchain, without a doubt, at least, allow the simplification of reliability confirmation systems and schemes for attracting participants, in the areas of economic and legal components.
3.2. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market as a whole is growing, but the growth trends are restrained primarily by a large number of fraudulent schemes, so this is a significant deterrent to the market.

4. Directions of exhibition activity, today, almost all are involved. Their increase can be based only on a significant increase in production and a significant increase in promising know-how in the economy, which will provide new specialized thematic (advertising and organizational nature, including exhibition topics) requests in the business community.

II. Solution and business proposal

1. The exhibition event is organized by a specialized structure that unites high-level professionals who have international and all-Russian recognition and, as a consequence, have a high degree of trust.

2. Offer to the participants of the exhibition event, on behalf of the organizers of such – narrow-profile organizations with a high degree of trust services to assist in attracting investors through consulting and expert evaluation to enter the ICO and subsequent direct access to the ICO.

3. A new approach in the exhibition event:
3.1. Expert evaluation and assistance in the implementation of ICO (on the terms of payment + %) for participants;
3.2. Conglomerate of the exhibition event: "exhibition-invest-forum "(where both specialists and potential investors are invited);

III. Therefore, the participation in the exhibition provides a (selective, partial list):

1. Positioning;

2. Obtaining an expert assessment (which requires presence at the exhibition) and a package of support in the development of the ICO system and, as a consequence, the ability to attract investors;
2.1. Support package for the creation of ICO;

3. Conferences, lectures;
3.1. Business contacts with investors (possibility of attracting investors);

4. Participation in competitions, presentations (receiving awards, certificates, prizes, diplomas, etc.) - status;

5. Attracting and finding distributors, customers and buyers of products and services (individuals and legal entities).


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