Scientists, heads of companies, heads of scientific institutions, commercial structures, public organizations, government organizations:
Question: How relevant is the creation of a unified platform – the Forum “LIFE – 2024”, in case it allows to gather authors, developers, investors, research institutes, laboratories, manufacturers and sellers, public and state organizations from the entire world community working in the areas of life extension, rejuvenation and active longevity?


Monitoring the interest of potential investors in participating in the Life Extension 2024 Forum (as well as the Exhibition) to use it as a platform for participation in start-ups, large investments in specialized companies, programs and projects.

The intention of potential guests and participants of the Forum to use such as a platform for establishing business contacts, relationships, exchange of experience, conclusion of contracts.


Social aspect: Monitoring the influence on the formation of public opinion of the factor of social responsibility in the business environment.

Question: Do you think it is important for making a decision about purchasing a product or service, participation of a seller offering in socially-oriented projects and programs (Charity, social entrepreneurship, etc.)?

Question: How fundamentally important is the socially oriented activity of entrepreneurs, business structures, public organizations, expert communities?


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