The Forum LIFE – 2020 is a platform

The Forum “LIFE – 2024” is a platform for:
  • For all those who work in the field of life extension, active longevity, rejuvenation, including in the field of cosmetology, plastic surgery, pharmacology, gerontology, as well as alternative medicine and other specializations.
  • All those who are interested in the most modern means, methods and technologies of life extension, rejuvenation and active longevity.
  • Supporters of a healthy lifestyle and principles of natural healing, the Forum “LIFE – 2020” is an opportunity for supporters of a healthy lifestyle and principles of natural healing like the general population and specialists in this field to get acquainted with various areas of medical development
  • The event is For all who contribute to the improvement of the quality of life through their activities, as well as those who are interested in modern achievements in this field.
Beauty, health, physical culture and sports!

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