A component of the drug to prevent of Alzheimer's disease is developed

Development of a molecule is unique and necessary in today's world, where there is virtually no. quality drugs that can prevent disease, Meanwhile in the world there are currently 46 million people with the incidence of Alzheimer's disease and by 2050 the number of patients could grow four times," explained Ogoev.

According to the acting rector СОГУ, the drug based on a molecule developed will have low cost price. In addition, the drug will have low toxicity and a high therapeutic effect. "The main factor of the development of neurodegenerative diseases is atherosclerosis - the deposition of cholesterol plaques inside the walls of the vessel. The development is aimed at the reduction of cholesterol, which allows not only to treat but to prevent disease," - said the acting rector.

Development took place on the basis of Scientific-educational Center of natural sciences СОГУ. The scientists have sent a request for participation of the project in the Federal target program on development of pharmaceutical industry, which started in 2014 and will operate till 2020. It was noted that the program will help developers to conduct the necessary clinical trials and further obtain patents at the international level.

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