The danger of the spread of zika virus in the world is preserved – WHO

A year after the Declaration of emergency associated with the zika virus, spread of infection continues. At the same time there was a success in improving significantly tracking system of dangerous diseases. It was declared in the statement of the Director General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan.

According to the WHO head, over the past two years, about 70 countries reported cases of infection with Zika virus. "We were able to document the connection between the virus, Zika and a set of abnormal development of newborns, called "congenital syndrome Zika virus ", - reads the statement of the WHO head.
We now know that the virus can be transmitted sexually and can warn women of childbearing age." The decision to declare a virus emergency threat to public health, Margaret Chan connects it with the fact that the disease causes malformations of the newborn. She recalls that the danger is real – too few people have immunity against it, until recently a rare disease, and the international air transportation enables the virus to overcome easily enormous distances and to wander from continent to continent. Thus, any area in which dwells the mosquito vector may be affected by the outbreak.
WHO announced the end of state of emergency in connection with the zika virus According to Margaret Chan, "WHO and countries where the virus has spread, should respond to the situation not by emergency measures, but by a deliberate policy", which in the past helped to deal with other potentially mass illness. She reported that WHO develops the mechanisms for international support for such efforts.

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