China began testing a vaccine against H7N9 avian flu

The headquarters of the state control over food products and medicines of the PRC approved the initiation of clinical tests for four types of vaccines against H7N9 avian flu, Xinhua news Agency reported.
It is reported that vaccines are developed in Beijing. According to institution experts during the clinical tests will also be evaluated the effectiveness of the developed vaccines.

Beijing authorities will continue to support clinical tests of vaccines against H7N9 flu and will do everything possible to accelerate the emergence of these drugs on the market, writes Xinhua.

According to the State Committee for health and planned birth, the outbreaks of avian influenza H7N9 at the beginning of the year have been recorded in 16 provinces of China. In January of this year there were 192 cases of human infection with this strain of the flu, and 79 cases were fatal..

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